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Localised Prostate Cancer - a guide for men and their families
This book is a useful guide for all men affected by prostate cancer and their families. However, it is written for men who have localised prostate cancer (cancer which has not spread beyond the prostate gland) and who need to make a treatment decision.
Click here to download - Localised prostate cancer a guide for men and thier families
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Coping with a diagnosis of Prostate cancer
Recommended book by the QLD Cancer Council discusses issues you may face after a diagnosis and strategies for dealing with them.
Click here to download - Coping with a diagnosis of prostate cancer
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An introduction to prostate cancer is designed to help men, their families, and friends quickly understand the risk factors for prostate cancer, find out how it is diagnosed, and review different treatment options. (8 pages)
Click here to Download - An Introduction to Prostate Cancer

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Sex after treatment - Prostate Cancer
By QLD Cancer Council
Highly Recommended book which explains sexual function and how it can be affected by prostate cancer treatment.

Click here to download - Sex after treatment-Prostate Cancer
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Treat ED: prostate edition
‘treatED: Prostate Edition’ provides detailed, specific information on the impact of the main prostate cancer treatments on erections and how best to mitigate this side effect.
Click here to download - treatED prostate edition_understanding the impact of prostate cancer treatment on erectile function
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Continence and Prostate: a guide for men undergoing prostate surgery
This resource has been developed to educate men about the incidence of urinary incontinence following prostate surgery and provides a range of practical information to assist men pre and post operatively including pelvic floor exercises.  Click here to download - Continence and prostate - a guide for med undergoing surgery
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Maintaining your well being - information on depression and anxiety for men with prostate cancer and their partners
This booklet provides information on common reactions to prostate cancer, helpful strategies, and information on depression and anxiety.
Click here to download - maintaining your well being_information on depression and anxiety for men with prostate cancer
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Report to the nation on prostate cancer - a guide to men and their families.

A detailed 108p American book provided information about the diagnosis and available treatments for prostate cancer.

Click here to download - Report to the Nation on Prostate Cancer a guide for men and their families
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Be a man brochure
Prostate cancer facts for men and their families.
Click here to download - Be a man brochure
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Nutrition, exercise and prostate cancer
A guide for men affected by or at risk of prostate cancer incorporate key elements of nutrition and exercise into their lifestyle.
Click here to download - Nutrition, excercise and prostate cancer

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